0 minutes | Jun 3rd 2019

S1E1 Amy Winehouse (Pilot Episode)

Hey friends! It’s the pilot episode of No One is Listening Podcast & the topic is legendary singer Amy Winehouse! What better way to kick this off!? Take a listen as hosts Christopher, Dave, & Brett examine the life of Amy Winehouse while finding their way through their first ever podcast (and first podcast ever recorded in history)! This episode is perfect for hardcore & casual fans of Amy alike! With it being Christopher’s topic, he brings along a deep appreciation, borderline obsession with Amy while Dave & Brett lay out some flattering & not so flattering words about the songstress. Along the way you’ll learn about the incredible, one-of-kind concept behind No One is Listening Podcast as the boys reach deep into the magic sack to pull out the next episodes topic! Disclaimer: We are TOTALLY aware pilot episodes are rough & we appreciate you giving us a chance as we get our podcast legs steady & the wind beneath our wings! Hey! We all got to start somewhere right? (Looking at you Goldie Hawn & Quatto from Total Recall) 2nd Disclaimer: The Amy Winehouse Pilot Episode of No One is Listening Podcast is not an endorsement of Goldie Hawn or Quatto...but what if they were the same? Ok, take a listen.