40 minutes | Jun 7, 2018

E05 - Cheap holiday hacks

Travelling is what a lot of us live for, but we all know how frustratingly expensive it can be. So this week we’ve dedicated a whole show to saving money on holidays - whether it’s the flights, accommodation or activities, this episode is full to the brim with top tips that you’ll want to make a note of. We’re joined by the wonderful Chelsea Dickenson (also known as Chelsea Travel), who recently completed a challenge where she went on 10 ( yes, 10!) holidays in a year for half of the average Brit’s holiday spend. She jetted off to Dubai, Miami, Denmark, Spain and more for just £1,700! What’s her secret? Well it turns out there’s lots of them, and they’re all in this week’s show. Chelsea lets us in on the best methods for finding cheap flights and accommodation - from apps, Facebook groups and pet sitting sites. Tune in to find out how she managed to get two week’s free accommodation in Paris, and a stay in an Emmy-award winner’s multi-million pound apartment in Miami. To say we’re jealous is an understatement. We’ll also be discussing our best tactics for getting hotel upgrades and sharing some of our funniest holiday stories. Cheap flights and hotels are great, but sometimes it doesn’t always go to plan… Access the show notes on https://www.savethestudent.org/podcast Don’t forget, you can share your own stories and money problems by sending us a voice message on WhatsApp (just head to savethestudent.org/whatsapp to join the group), tweeting us at @savethestudent or emailing us at podcast@savethestudent.org. If you have any burning questions about how to save money at university, or have any feedback on the show, we’d love to hear from you! Hope you enjoy the show!
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