34 minutes | May 31, 2018

E04 - Making money at uni

We’re always banging on about how the maintenance loan isn’t enough to live on, and as such, well over half of you are forced to look beyond your student loan and your parents for funding. But what are the best ways to make money, and what can you do if a conventional part-time job isn’t a viable option? Fortunately we tackle all this, and more, in episode four of No More Beans. We kick things off by discussing some of the weirdest ways in which students have made money - and when we say weird, we mean WEIRD. It turns out that you guys have been getting pretty creative when it comes to finding a side hustle! The best of the bunch, by far, was this week’s listener submission - it’s worth listening just to hear the bizarre (and, frankly, disgusting) way in which he made money… As for ‘normal’ jobs, where are the best places to look for them? Most companies offer their employees some kind of benefits on top of their salaries, so why not try applying to work somewhere that’ll repay you with more than just cash? We run through the companies offering the best employee perks, so you can get the biggest rewards for your time. Finally, we chat to the founder of Save the Student, Owen Burek, about the ins and outs of setting up a business as a student. Owen launched the site as a fresh-faced student all the way back in 2007, so nobody’s better placed to give advice on the subject than him. He shares some great tips with us, and even reveals some of his failed business ventures! Don’t forget, you can share your own stories and money problems by sending us a voice message on WhatsApp (just head to savethestudent.org/whatsapp to join the group), tweeting us at @savethestudent or emailing us at podcast@savethestudent.org. If you have any burning questions about how to save money at university, or have any feedback on the show, we’d love to hear from you! Hope you enjoy the show!
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