30 minutes | May 3, 2018

E02 - S.O.S. (Save On Shopping)

In episode two of No More Beans, the brand new podcast from Save the Student, Jess and Tom are talking all about shopping - and, more specifically, how to save money on it. We start by hearing about some of your worst impulse buys, before Tom and Jess reveal some of their own. It’s fair to say that the phrase ‘from the sublime to the ridiculous’ has never been more applicable than in this section. You’ll have to listen to the pod to hear them for yourself, but rest assured - if you’ve ever bought something bizarre or unnecessary in a moment of madness, you are not alone. Next up, we took a look at the results of our National Student Money Survey to see what students are actually spending their money on. Rent was, unsurprisingly, top of the pops, but how much are you spending on everything else? Finally, we did what we do best: give some simple, effective, money saving advice. We asked you what you spend the most money on at uni, and you overwhelmingly responded: FOOD. Nobody’s better at saving money on shopping than our resident Deals Expert, Bronni, so we invited her into the studio to give us her top tips. One of her tips in particular gets Tom waxing lyrical about a lunchtime favourite he discovered through a money saving app, but once he’s done with that, Bronni has just about enough time to share her worst impulse buy too. Yep, even the master money savers are guilty! You can access the show notes and useful links here: https://www.savethestudent.org/podcast Don’t forget, you can share your own stories and money problems by sending us a voice message on WhatsApp (just head to savethestudent.org/whatsapp to join the group), tweeting us at @savethestudent or emailing us at podcast@savethestudent.org. If you have any burning questions about how to save money at university, or have any feedback on the show, we’d love to hear from you! Hope you enjoy the show!
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