1 minutes | Apr 26, 2018

E00 - Teaser trailer

This is the teaser trailer for an exciting new podcast all about students and money. No More Beans shares funny, real-life experiences with a few helpful tips along the way. In this teaser Jess and Tom, both recent grads and editors at the student money website www.savethestudent.org, share an exclusive sneak peek of the new series. They’ll be revealing what you can expect in future episodes, as well as sharing a few of our favourite clips from recording so far. No More Beans is an exciting new production that will discuss what it's like to be a student at university in the UK and how to deal with money issues. There'll be plenty of funny stories, tips, tricks and special guests along the way, so make sure to subscribe now to be the first to listen to episode one. More info, show notes and episodes here: https://www.savethestudent.org/podcast
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