46 minutes | May 31st 2018

BONUS: How to manage your inner voice + write a bold vision statement (that you actually live up to): Wendy Leshgold and Lisa McCarthy

Wendy Leshgold and Lisa McCarthy are the founders of Fast Forward Group, a global training and coaching company that's worked with more than 10,000 top executives from major corporations including Facebook, Google, and Nike. In this episode, Lisa and Wendy share strategies to manage that negative inner voice, show us how to declare a bold vision for the future, and walk listeners through the keys of High Performance Living. Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a review! It’s easy! Click here: http://bit.ly/2ks4f90 ABOUT REBECCA JARVIS:  Rebecca Jarvis is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and the Chief Biz, Tech and Econ correspondent for ABC News. Follow Rebecca Jarvis: Instagram.com/RebeccaJarvis Twitter.com/RebeccaJarvis Facebook.com/RebeccaJarvis https://www.linkedin.com/in/rebecca-jarvis-217ba052/ Snapchat: RebeccaJarvis