48 minutes | Oct 15th 2018

#106: Melinda Gates: The three most important conversations in my life

When Melinda Gates learned about the creativity involved in coding in high school, her interests in STEM really took hold. After graduating with a BS and an MBA from Duke University, she took a job at Microsoft, became the General Manager of Information Products and also met her husband Bill Gates. Today, Melinda is the Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and created her own investment and incubation company Pivotal Ventures in 2015. On this episode, Melinda opens up about the most important conversations she's had in her career, how Bill reacted when she told him she was leaving Microsoft, why philanthropy has always been embedded in her ethos, and the one thing she would do to change the world right now. Congratulations to our No Limits Entrepreneur of the Week: Marguerite Adzick Founder & CEO of Addison Bay Find out more: www.addisonbay.com Want to be a featured NLEOTW? Know someone who should? Send your nominations to NoLimitswithRJPodcast@Gmail.com Don't forget to subscribe and leave us a review! It's easy! Click here: http://bit.ly/2ks4f90 ABOUT REBECCA JARVIS: Rebecca Jarvis is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and the Chief Biz, Tech and Econ correspondent for ABC News. Follow Rebecca Jarvis: www.Instagram.com/RebeccaJarvis www.Twitter.com/RebeccaJarvis www.Facebook.com/RebeccaJarvis https.//www.linkedin.com/in//ebecca-jarvis-217ba052/ Snapchat: RebeccaJarvis