108 minutes | Feb 26, 2020

108 - Joe Augello

Guitarist JOE AUGELLO came home from teaching one day and was shocked to find his Long Island home was for sale. “I put our house on the market,” his wife revealed. “We’re moving to L.A. so you can pursue your dream.” Soon, the brave couple arrived in Hollywood, and Joe began chasing his vision of becoming an A-list guitarist working on big stages, in top studios, and on high-profile TV broadcasts all over the world. And the risk seems to have paid off, as Joe eventually landed gigs with Robin Thicke, Jennifer Hudson, Stevie Wonder, The Game, Backstreet Boys, Kendrick Lamar, and other superstars. On this episode, Joe plays guitar for you and regales many adventures, including being on stage with Miley Cyrus during the world’s most infamous “twerking” incident. Joe also discusses the huge church gigs he does, and what it’s like composing with gospel legend Israel Houghton. GUITARS: Joe mostly plays a Carvin hollowbody, while I — your host, JUDE GOLD — plug in Joe’s custom “parts-caster” Telecaster-style guitar, the only guitar of his to survive what likely was, as you’ll hear, the worst multi-guitar pile-up in history. This episode is brought to you by Guitar Player magazine and guitarplayer.com.
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