23 minutes | Mar 4th 2021

056 How to Raise a Thriver with Michele Borba

As parents, we spend a lot of our energy trying to help our children stay happy and healthy. We want them to have the skills needed to deal with stress and thrive. But sometimes, that feels almost impossible.    But it’s not.   In today’s podcast, we speak with Dr. Michele Borba, who is an educational psychologist and author of 25 books including her most recent, Thrivers:The Surprising Reasons Why Some Kids Struggle and Others Shine.   She shares with us what makes a child thrive, the common characteristics of children who are resilient, motivated, and essentially - thrive, as well as a simple way kids can use their very own “Pocket Problem Solver”.   Find all the resources we shared in this episode here: https://www.noguiltmom.com/How-to-Raise-a-Self-Motivated-and-Thriving-Kid
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