54 minutes | Jul 28th 2020

My Journey to Everest: How mental health & mindset is everything with Jamie McAnsh

Jamie McAnsh is more than just a disabled man, an athlete, and a coach. Jamie is a survivor! From waking up one morning paralyzed, to setting a goal to walk up Mt. Everest, Jamie knows the role of mental health and mindset in day to day life and in achieving success. Going from the lows of an attempt on his own life and hiding behind a mask of jokes & laughter, to learning to walk again and his plan to walk to Mt. Everest base camp .... a truly inspirational story that you won’t want to miss!This podcast episode is part of our Mental Health Awareness mini-series.To find out more about the other episodes check out: www.nlptalks.comIf you would like to learn more about NLP or receive some free NLP Training please check out our FREE NLP TRAINING RESOURCES.You can learn all about our NLP Training courses on our website, feel free to download our brochure.If you would like to ask a question about this podcast episode please feel free to email us on info@unleashyourpotential.org.uk 
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