29 minutes | Jun 13, 2017

Here's A Sexy Way to Hide Your Tummy Tuck Scar

Many women opt for tummy tucks. After the surgery they are excited to show off their new bodies. However, sometimes the scar is placed to high or it does not heal well.  Tune in to hear how one woman solved the ugly tummy tuck scar problem.   Denise O'Connell is the Founder of TuckTats, and lives in Canada.  Denise had a tummy tuck and knew that there was a possibility that she would not heal well due to a prior surgery and her skin type. Denise loved her new body, wanted to show it off, but ultimately her scar was placed too high on her abdomen and as expected did not heal well. She was left with an angry high scar, so she could not show off her new body in bikinis. She tried scar cream and silicone applications but her scar still looked angry. Denise did not want to spend more money on scar revision or laser. She was tired of wearing high bikinis. Tune in to hear Denise discuss how she solved her problem. Now women everywhere can cover their abdominal scars in a sexy and fun way. TuckTats are beautiful professionally designed temporary tattoos.  Visit TuckTats.com for more information.         
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