44 minutes | Jul 19, 2018

Episode 2 Choosing Breast Implants

There are so many Breast Implant materials to choose from. What is the right implant for you? New York Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Brian Cohen shares his expertise about choosing the right breast implants with host Michele Garber, The NipTuck Coach.  The trend in breast implants today is smaller and natural.  According Dr. Cohen larger implants are prone to more complications.  Breast Implants are safe devices. Patients should be well informed before choosing implants and pick the right Board Certified Plastic Surgeon whose expertise is in breast augmentation.  What do most patients want? Silicone. Silicone breast implants have come a long way and are safe. They are softer and look more natural than Saline.  Today Silicone Implants come in different shapes such as round, smooth or textured, and anatomic. Are you looking for more upper pole fullness, or more a tear drop shape?  Not all surgeons are comfortable with anatomic  implants, there is a steeper learning curve for the surgeon and if they rotate they will look strange.   Anatomic breast implants should be "as snug as a buy in the rug," says Dr. Cohen. Gummy Bear Implants are firmer but soft and more expensive than other implants. Gummy Bear implants are excellent for breast reconstructive patients. Sometimes the choice of implants really comes down to the dugeon’s   Saline implants are made up of salt water and if they rupture you will know right away. However, they feel firmer, can ripple and don't look as natural as Silicone. Th newest Saline Implant is called The Ideal Implant. Is it really ideal??  Do you know that Botox is being used in the breasts as well as fillers and fat transfer? We'll also touch on the subject of risks, capsular contracture and the risks of ALCL. Contact info: Guest: Dr. Brian Cohen Follow Cohen Plastic Surgery on Facebook and Instagram  Host: Michele Garber Follow me on Instagram Facebook and Instagram niptucktalk@gmail.com  
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