48 minutes | Jul 7, 2021

052: The Entrepreneur Who Talks to His Money: Building a Better Money Mindset [Joe Burns]

#0052 Let's get you talking to your money.Yes, I literally mean talking to your money.Money Master, Joe Burns does exactly that, and teaches his clients to do the same. Joe helps people build a stronger relationship with their money to ultimately make more of it and keep more of it as well.And he's here to help all of you do the same as well.Top 3 Key Takeaways:Why talking to your money might help you build a better relationship with itSuccess stories of people who have grown exponentially after getting the money mindset rightWhy having that goal of 6-figures isn't the best place to startTo get the links and resources discussed in this episode, head over to the Episode 52 Show Notes.If you enjoyed the episode, be sure to leave a review of the Nine-Five Podcast on Apple Podcasts.
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