53 minutes | Jun 16, 2021

049: The "LinkedIn King" Shares the Importance of Personalized and Targeted Messaging [James Watson]

#0049 James Watson AKA The LinkedIn King has been helping entrepreneurs and business owners leverage LinkedIn to gain more clients and close more sales.Today, he is here to not only help us improve our effectiveness on LinkedIn, but the concepts and strategies James talks about will help you through all walks of your business.Top 3 Key Takeaways:Why your company's messaging is the foundation of your brand and without it, your brand will crumble.How to get off to a great start with prospective clients without sounding too generic and without coming off too "salesy".How you can incorporate Personalized Image Marketing (PMI) to wow your prospective clients, become more personal with your marketing efforts, and stand out against your competitors.To get the links and resources discussed in this episode, head over to the Episode 49 Show Notes.If you enjoyed the episode, be sure to leave a review of the Nine-Five Podcast on Apple Podcasts.
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