51 minutes | May 26, 2021

046: How Serving Others, Word of Mouth, and Podcasting Can Help You Grow Your Business [Joel Ward]

#0046 Being able to run a business from a place of giving and because you want to truly make an impact on the world is an amazing thing.That is exactly what today's guest, Joel Ward, is all about.Joel is currently running several businesses and hosting his own podcast alongside his current 9-5 job.So you're probably thinking, if he has multiple businesses, why continue to work a 9-5?Well, Joel offers services to aspiring entrepreneurs and businesses who might not be able to afford some of the extra costs associated with getting started. For this reason, Joel offers A LOT for very little in return.His 9-5 job is what allows him to fund and continue coming from this place of giving, allowing others to pursue their own dreams of starting their own businesses.Throughout this episode, you'll hear Joel talk about the benefits of running his business this way (it's not always about the money), and his experience of starting a podcast, which has helped bring even more customers and clients his way.Leave a Review of the Nine-Five Podcast.Visit the Show Notes Page.
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