61 minutes | Feb 24th 2020

99: A GOOPy Cocoon With Jane Marie

Jane Marie, creator and host of The Dream podcast, joins the Night Callers this week to break down the wellness industry. Are all essential oils a scam? What’s up with the influencers who stopped drinking water? Do I need to sell my crystals? Plus the creepy unregulated world of therapy apps, and a long dip in the pool for Ron Howard’s 1985 wellness opus Cocoon! All this and Steve Guttenberg too on an all new Night Call!


  1. Jane Marie's The Dream podcast
  2. Jane Marie on Twitter
  3. Not that Rick Ross
  4. Dry fasting
  5. Goop lawsuit
  6. Donald Gary Young wikipedia
  7. Gary Young/Young Living Behind the Bastards episode
  8. "Free birth" article
  9. Gold dildo
  10. Jezebel on online therapy data-mining
  11. Smarterchild
  12. Ancestry.com's roots
  13. Esquire article on Aesop
  14. Anti-MLM reddit on Aesop
  15. Wilford Brimley on cockfighting
  16. AARP Cocoon article
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