74 minutes | Oct 11, 2020

5: Friends, Waffles, Podcast

This week, we tried unsuccessfully for several hours to record an episode about Michael Dougherty's ABSOLUTE CLASSIC 2007 film Trick 'r Treat, and by the time we got our tech problems sorted we were too relieved to stay on task. So instead, please enjoy this hour long tangent. Topics of discussion include OnlyFans, Parks and Recreation, celebrities on Youtube, various iconic horror movies, and the upsetting extent to which caring about musical theatre is baked into our personalities. Next week, we'll (hopefully) be back on the October Movies train with David Cronenberg's The Fly.Also: Zorp is dead. Long live Zorp.Strain smoked this episode: Mac & Cheese  by Lazy Bee Gardens Our inconsistent Instagram presences can be found at @nicheandunclear, @barriejoyyy, @potandpups, and @magnetsandghouls.Subscribe to our feed at https://audioboom.com/channels/5034908 or by searching for Niche and Unclear on your favorite podcast platform.Intro/Outro: Shark Under a Tarpaulin by Exquisite Frosting Penmanship (https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Exquisite_Frosting_Penmanship/Transistor_Rodeo/Exquisite_Frosting_Penmanship_-_Transistor_Rodeo_EP_-_06_Shark_Under_A_Tarpaulin) Licensed under Creative Commons
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