19 minutes | Apr 1st 2020

Plantation to Perthshire with Glen Lyon Coffee Roasters

Welcome to the Nibble Scotland Over Coffee podcast and how apt that we visited Fiona Grant founder of Glen Lyon Coffee Roasters up in Aberfeldy, Perthshire. Glen Lyon's vision is to put people and the environment before profit.All of their speciality coffees are 100% traceable and ethically sourced. Glen Lyon Coffee Roasters build direct, long term relationships with producers and trading partners throughout the supply train and pay the coffee farmers significantly above Fairtrade prices. Glen Lyon Coffee offers a welcoming and supportive work environment and every year the team plants 200 trees in the Highlands to offset their carbon footprint. Fiona is totally committed to zero waste and making our impact on the planet a positive one.As one of Scotland’s 5 Q grader’s, like a wine sommelier, Fiona is trained to examine coffees and score them based on their many attributes and therefore overall quality.Being a Q grader Fiona can essentially communicate quality right the way through the coffee supply chain from the farmer, to the exporter, to the roaster. Please check out our special podcast about Cupping at Glen Lyon to hear more.In this episode Fiona tells us about her recent adventures to connecting with coffee growers in the depths of Kenya, visits to the coffee auctions to how you should be storing coffee at home. During our time Fiona was so lovely and outlined how she has grown the business, some of their measures to make it a carbon neutral business, and some exciting initiatives and ambitions for the future.Apologies, for the sound at the beginning but it does get better as we get into a quieter area behind the scenes at Glen Lyon Coffee.Should you wish to order coffee from Glen Lyon check out their website www.glenlyoncoffee.co.uk or visit them at Unit 1, Aberfeldy Business Park, Aberfeldy Perthshire, PH15 2AQ. Please support the podcast by subscribing, so not to miss any future episodes and sharing with your friends. 
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