37 minutes | May 21st 2020

Fungi Foraging Around Scotland

As we continue with lockdown in Scotland I’m delighted that Nev Kilkenny a fungi specialist and mycologist takes time out of his foraging day to join me for a chat. Nev leads many foraging forays around the country throughout the year discovering the amazing diversity of fungi and runs workshops both for beginners and those who wish to develop their interest. Nev’s expertise is often called in to help raise awareness of fungi with organisations such as The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE), TCV, Plantlife Scotland & Scottish Natural Heritage.  From foraging to gin making this is quite a diverse podcast and a conversation I hope you will enjoy.Nev will be running a range of forays and workshops in the autumn for dates and booking please check out his website – www.fungi.co.uk Recommended books for fungi beginners are John Wright’s River Cottage mushroom book – it has a key and Nev likes books with keys! So the key Nev uses for workshops is this one by Paul Nichol, in conjunction with Roger Phillips’s Book will take you a long way.And finally a link to all things fungi in Scotland - Scottish Fungi – there’s links there to all the recording groups in Scotland and lots of other information, including the diagnostic flowchart that I created to advise the National Poisons Information Service about mushroom poisoning. Just before we get started a couple of housekeeping notes this week, if you are looking for a face mask as we exit lockdown please get in touch with Nibble Scotland via social media to order directly. Currently we have in stock Noordi face masks which are antibacterial, washable and available in 4 colours for adult and children costing £6 each – most importantly they are cost effective and practical in our new environment tackling Covid-19. Also, please follow us on social media @NibbleScotland for a first look at future guests and a behind the scenes look of everything mentioned in each episode and wherever you are listening to the podcast it would be great if you could subscrible/follow the podcast and drop a review. So its time to grab your coffee and listen into my chat with Nev who in light of our social distancing world I welcome over Zoom.
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