42 minutes | Jun 25th 2020

Did Seabuckthorn Give Pegasus Wings?

Welcome to Scotland’s Food Podcast, Nibble Scotland. My name is June Carroll and this is my journey to find out about the people behind Scotland’s outstanding food scene and celebrate the many food champions around the country. As we continue with lockdown in Scotland I’m honoured that Kirstie Campbell from Seabuckthorn Scotland joined me for a coffee from her base in East Lothian. Chatting candidly about her life’s adventures as a UN front line aid worker to how she found her way back to Scotland to establish a social enterprise dedicated to the research of sea buck thorn. This podcast reminds us why we are so blessed in Scotland to have people like Kirstie who are so passionate about their products.  Kirstie spent 15 years working as a professional humanitarian worker, including ten years on mission in the Middle East. She first came across Seabuckthorn in 2010 as part of a United Nations logistics mission to assist with the floods in Pakistan. When she returned home to Scotland in 2013, she discovered that our native berries- a unique source of nutrition- were being largely overlooked- and in some cases destroyed..while our population is suffering from increasing challenges in heart health, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and mental health. She decided to apply her passion for food security, local solutions and herbal healing - plus her so far under-utilised Chemistry degree- to work in founding Seabuckthorn Scotland CIC to tackle these issues. The CIC was registered in Winter 2018 and started in trading in July 2019.For more information about Kirstie and where to find her products please check out her website - www.seabuckthornscotland.comPlease remember to follow us on social media @NibbleScotland for a first look at future guests and a behind the scenes look of everything mentioned in each episode Wherever you are listening to the podcast ensure you have subscribed and if you can please add a review to help others find out more about Scotland’s world class larder. 
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