34 minutes | Jul 2nd 2020

Craft Brewing In Glen Fyne

Welcome to Scotland’s Food Podcast, Nibble Scotland. My name is June Carroll and this is my journey to find out about the people behind Scotland’s outstanding food scene and celebrate the many food champions around the country.Many farms have been in families for generations often adapting to changing market conditions. So when Tuggy and Jonny Delap returned to run the family farm In the 90’s, they had the aim of finding a new purpose for the family estate to create jobs, tourism and industry. On Tuggy’s suggestion, they begin the process of converting a former dairy building into a brewery. Join Nibble Scotland to chat with Tuggy's son Mungo Delap as he talks about their journey into craft brewing and the great tourism story which draws beer fans from across the world to Argyll each year for Fyne Fest and their tasting room, the Tap.Like many businesses who continued working through the Covid lockdown, Mungo also gives an insight into some of the initiatives which have helped bring them through but also how their loyal customer base have supported the business. For more information about Loch Fyne Farm Brewery please check out their website www.fyneales.com and if you get an opportunity to visit please do - especially if you can coincide your visit with FyneFest!Please follow us on social media @NibbleScotland for a first look at future guests and a behind the scenes look of everything mentioned in each episode Wherever you are listening to the podcast ensure you have subscribed and if you can please add a review to help others find out more about Scotland’s world class larder. 
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