85 minutes | Jun 24, 2020

Reflecting On My Year Abroad and Dealing With Coming Back Home ft Tatenda Muchopa & Wimbika Mawango

NOOGNATION SPECIAL: Wimbikai, a regular listener of the show, gets the chance to reverse roles and host Onai and his Chevening Alumni friend Tatenda Muchopa. On this episode, Wimbikai quizzes the two on how the year away from Zimbabwe changed them, (if it did), how they dealt with issues such as being the only black person in spaces, learning to adapt to the new environments, how their relationships and love lives changed and what the differences between learning in Zimbabwe and learning in the United Kingdom. In this episode they share how they have to readjust to coming back home, if they feel empowered and how their perspective of the country has changed. Don't miss out on how they approached rejection and how they dealt with overt signs of racism. This episode is brought to you by Kaizen You. Alternative Titles 1. My accent has not changed 2. We get it, Wimbie, loves her hair 3. Too much cash and I dont need it kaizenyou.co.zw
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