102 minutes | Jun 30, 2020

A little too black for ya'll huh?

Miriam, Nyasha and Mark (the senior stray) join Onai in this episode where they try to discuss the reactions to the latest complaints about racism in private schools in Zimbabwe. They argue about the approach black teachers and white teachers have as far as teaching standards go and get bit into detail about why white standards seem to be the loved standards. Find out why Mark and Onai had against private schools as they grew up and also get the opportunity to find out whether Nyasha and Miriam faced any racism when they were in school. Do private schools have a white or Eurocentric approach? The squad gets into it. In another different issue in the podcast, they discuss how a person is supposed to bahave in front of their best friends side chick/guy. Actually, can you still be friends if your friend is a serial cheater? This and the usual laughs and stuff.. Alternative Topic Names For the Love of White Standards My best friends Side piece Make Mark an official Noogie already Please do follow @capital26free @noognation and join NOOGNATION on Facebook
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