52 minutes | Mar 15th 2017

Warren Montoya | Building Rezilience

“Because of that one choice, so many other possibilities came up. They were already there…” Warren Montoya of Rezonate Art and Rezilience on finding new perspectives. Warren Montoya is the founder of Rezonate Art. He appeared previously on NextGen Native to discuss the company’s beginnings and goals. He returned to discuss what he’s been up to recently. Warren pivoted his work with Rezonate after realizing he wanted to change the way his business worked. He described in this conversation (and our previous conversation) that part of his goal with the company was to build a sustainable business that could eventually support other artists. Warren realized that he could change his business model so that he did the support and education directly, rather than use his profits through selling merchandise. The pivot required skills that we all should develop. This includes the ability to be honest with yourself and mindful of your emotions, ambitions, challenges, strengths and weaknesses. Out of this reflection, Warren and a group of others created Rezilience, a day long event focused on contemporary Native art in different forms. In the second year, Warren and the team is building Rezilience to be a platform for other artists and organizations. I think the idea is great, and I am excited to see how the event continues to grow over the years. This year Rezilience occurs April 30 in Albuquerque, the same weekend as Gathering of Nations. If you are heading to ABQ for GON, make sure you take time to check out Rezilience.
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