62 minutes | Feb 16th 2017

Jaclyn Roessel | Taking the Next Big Step

“If I am going to bet on anybody, I’m going to bet on myself.”-Jaclyn Roessel Jaclyn Roessel returned to the show to discuss some big changes in her life. For the last decade or so, Jaclyn did amazing things at the Heard Museum, which she described as her dream job. So I was amazed to see a headline that she was leaving the museum. It was time to grow up, or rather time to Grownup Navajo. Jaclyn Roessel shared with me (and You!) how she arrived at the decision to leave her dream job, and what she plans to do with Grownup Navajo. Her transition isn’t just about leaving her work to pursue her own projects, she also moved from Phoenix to New Mexico. Most people would be slow to make one of those decisions, the fact that Jessica dove into both changes at once is a bold step. It also shows that it is possible.If you feel like you are on the verge of doing something different, take a listen and draw upon the inspiration that Jaclyn shares throughout the episode! Jaclyn Roessel shares a bit about what we can expect from Grownup Navajo in the coming year. She spoke about the various collaborations she has planned, and some broad strokes about other projects she plans to undertake. We discussed a variety of topics, including how “esperar” in Spanish means both “hope” and “to wait” and what that means for taking action. If you’ve listened to previous episodes featuring Jaclyn, you’ll know that she is about ACTION.  We also discussed FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and what that means in Indian Country, being on “the front lines,” refilling your metaphorical cup, and how each person can play a role no matter where they are in their life. This is just the tip of the iceberg of our conversation. And that’s why I always enjoy these conversations with Jaclyn. She brings a perspective, energy and commitment to Indian Country that is refreshing. It’s also a rare combination, in my opinion. Have a listen, and be inspired.
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