76 minutes | May 16th 2017

Geoff Roth | Serving as Many as Possible

I felt this need to take my skillset and apply it as broadly as I could as long as I could still feel like I was affecting the community.” Geoff Roth is a descendent of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. He recently completed an appointment as the Senior Advisor to the Director of the Indian Health Service under Dr. Yvette Roubideaux. Geoff’s story is great for people that are looking to grow their career rapidly. It is also a great story for those that are looking to find balance in their lives. It may not seem intuitive that both those lessons could be learned from the same person, but that’s what makes Geoff’s story unique. He’s a good friend and I am excited to share his story. Before Geoff served as senior political appointee, he served in several high-level positions including the Executive Director at the National Council on Urban Indian Health and at the Native American Youth and Family Center. He also spent time at the Department of Education working in Indian Education. Geoff assumed the role of Executive Director at the Native American Youth and Family Center at 23 years old. Geoff shared on the podcast how he got that job, and we discussed how it set him up for future opportunities. Geoff shared that in order to stand out when applying for jobs, you need to really do your research. You need to distinguish yourself between the other candidates.  Geoff said he spends a lot of time researching organizations when he is considering a job, and it sets him apart. You can do that be demonstrating your knowledge of an organization, its needs and how you can contribute to its goals. That first major job prepared Geoff to continue making significant growth throughout his career. In particular, he talked about how it gave him confidence to pursue big opportunities, even when when it is a stretch for him. This is only part of our conversation, but I thought it important to point out these two items specifically. I think it is natural for us to doubt ourselves and our capabilities. But Geoff’s story shows that you can find confidence, even create it. His story also shows what you can achieve when you combine hard work and preparation. Those two items, combined with that confidence, can create amazing results. Geoff is currently using his talents in his personal life. After many years of continually growing his professional career, he is giving himself space to find balance, think about how he wants to shape his life going forward. For someone that gave much of himself to tribal communities, I am happy to see him taking this time for himself. We cannot help others if we do not take care of ourselves. That is a common refrain on the podcast. Geoff is implementing that now, and no matter what he does in the future, I think there will always be part of him that impacts communities in a positive way.
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