103 minutes | Oct 9th 2020

Sol is Light, Fargo is Cold

Cory and Che discuss the recent cancellation news out of Netflix (21:33) as well as the Utopia remake from Amazon (30:00).  Then they review some new comics from Marvel including the Jeff Lemire Immortal Hulk one-off and the first issue of Shang-Chi (36:23).  Then they revel in the pure insanity and joy that is Kieron Gillen's The Ludocrats which concluded its run last week (01:01:36).  Finally, they discuss the first seasons of Raised by Wolves and Fargo (01:11:08).

All-Old All-Good Book Club: The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale

Curse of the Rewatch: Underworld by Len Wiseman

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