27 minutes | Aug 16th 2020

You Have to Focus on the Long Game w/Jamie Cavanaugh

On this episode Jamie Cavanaugh joins Sean and KT to talk about how Loan Officers cannot let the refi boom make them lose their focus on business building activities. Jamie talks about the importance of having a process so that sales activities are the only thing loan officers are doing every day. 

2:25 - Who is Jamie Cavanaugh 

8:00 - How should MLOs look at the current market

15:20 - Give value without an ask

18:50 - The importance of having a process

23:00 - Letting your business skyrocket 


“We are working in a very reactive environment right now.'

“If you want to survive in this business you have to focus on the long game.”

“The best thing you can do right now is to give value without an ask.”

“Sales activities are the highest and best use of a Loan Officers time.”

“The $400 an hour sales activities need to be left to the sales folks and let the ops folks do their thing.”


MLOs cannot lose focus on business building activities. 

Refis are good business, but focusing on your long-term purchase business is key

If you let your marketing suffer you are letting your business suffer. 

Great opportunity to grab marketshare as other MLOs lose focus. 

Giving value to your agent network without asking for anything in return is an easy way to win relationships and business. 

Understand the difference between sales activities and ops activities. 


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