32 minutes | Sep 13th 2020

The Secret of being a Hyperlocal Loan Officer w/Scott Schang

On this episode, Scott Schang, partner of BuyWise Mortgage and founder of FindMyWayHome.com joins Sean Zalmanoff to discuss the power of hyperlocal content. Scott will talk about how most of your competition will not put in the time to put out hyperlocal content and that is how you can win local business and referral partners. 

1:55 Having a Consumer Direct Focus

4:45 Bring laser focused

8:30 Evolution of content

16:50 Tools that create a great experience

27:15 Tightening your net


“I have never considered myself as a sales person, I am an educator.”

“When you are doing consumer direct, you aren’t generating leads, you’re generating referrals.”

“Content marketing is an absolute goldmine.”

“The single best place to start to create content is by looking in your sent folder.”

“When you go hyperlocal, you are talking about your community, instead of talking mortgages.”

Key Takeaway

How to grow a blog that gets over 10,000 hits per month

Consumers sometimes want to read content that solves their problems. 

If you want the results you need to commit to doing the work. 

Most of your competition will not put in the time to put out hyperlocal content. 

Stop being selfish with your experience and expertise and share with the world. 

Don’t go for the money grab at the expense of your relationships. 

Don’t spend money on tools unless you have a plan to use them.


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