16 minutes | Jan 27th 2021

Next Level Referral Relationship Secrets

On this tactical episode, Shane, Sean Z, KT, and Kellen talk about their strategies for creating successful referral relationships. Hear how the Next Level Coaches have created a strong UVP in their respective markets. 3:00 Finding referral partners6:15 Finding your UVP11:30 Marketing company first15:00 Top Producer HuddleQuotes“If you care about referral relationships, you have to stay in front of your agents.”“Newsflash: You have to have a unique value proposition.”“Create real reasons to follow up with your agents.”“Everything you do is marketing. Don’t think about yourself as a lender.”Key takeawayDon’t ride the refi boom to a long-term bust.Don’t assume your agents will remember you if you have them on autopilot. What you are you doing in your market to provide ultimate value to your referral partners. You have to look at your referral relationships as an investmentLook at tools like homebotHelp your agents with Marketing. Period. 
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