32 minutes | Aug 9th 2020

Meet the Coaches - Kenneth Travis

On this episode Jason Frazier interviews Next Level founder and coach, Kenneth Travis. KT is a 17yr mortgage veteran and Marine Corps Veteran who had a drive and passion to succeed going all the way back to high school. KT talks about how he built his business, the importance of focusing on creating a team environment, and how now is the best time to create new Realtor relationships. 

02:25 KT introduction

06:15 Building Trademark Mortgage

09:00 What drives you

14:20 The Next Level difference

21:15 What Loan Officers should be focused on 


“Right out of the Marine Corps I had a passion and a drive to be successful”

“Fake it until you make just does not work for who I am.”

“If we all look back in our lives there is a moment that defines who we are or who we are gong to be.”

“We are known for giving more in value than what we take in payment.”

“It is the men and women that are in our coaching group is what makes our community valuable.”

“You need to love on your people.”

“Now is a great time to create new referral relationships because other loan officers are focused on refis.”

Key Takeaways:

Making money is about having freedom to expand in other areas of your life. 

Being in the trenches allows you to see market changes as they happen and allows you to help MLOs from that experience. 

Training a team allows you to work ON your business as opposed to IN your business. 

Make sure you select the coaching program that is focused on your success and not theirs.

Being in a community of like minded mortgage professionals can make all the difference. 

You need to make sure you love on your team and make sure they feel appreciated. 

With all the volume happening now make sure you do not forget about your referral partners.


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