60 minutes | Mar 1, 2021

Selling a newsletter for 5-figures with Andrew Kamphey and Nii Ahene

About this episode: This week I had the opportunity to sit down with Andrew Kamphey and Nii Ahene to talk about their recent newsletter acquisition they did. Nii has officially acquired Influence Weekly, a weekly newsletter on the Influencer Marketing industry. Andrew ran this newsletter for 3 years before Nii acquired it. And in this episode we’re going to dive deep into their story. It’s almost going to be a retrospective on this acquisition. This is a highly recommended episode for anyone that’s interested in ever selling their newsletter. Episode Sponsor: AWeber Newsletter Crew Membership (20% discount): Join here Newsletter Crew Membership Benefits: Click here Show Notes & Insights: http://newslettercrew.com/ep45-selling-a-newsletter-for-5-figures-with-andrew-kamphey-and-nii-ahene Newsletter + Guest Info: Andrew Kamphey: https://twitter.com/Kamphey Nii Ahene: https://twitter.com/Nii_Ahene Influence Weekly: http://influenceweekly.co/ BetterSheets: https://bettersheets.co/ Coffehouse: https://coffeehouse.substack.com/
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