65 minutes | Sep 26th 2019

Is This Your Last Shot at a 50-pound bass ever? ASMFC Talks Striped Bass

In this episode George speaks with Max Appleman of the ASMFC on the current status of striped bass and what the future looks like. They speak on the process and where we need to go to assure the future of the striped bass. They also talk bunker and the resilient sturgeon. George also speaks with Billy the Greek on what he concentrates on this time of year when searching out big bass. The Greek has been catching big bass, even when there weren’t many bass! He’s author of the Best Selling Book “Night Tide” and he knows show to catch big striped bass.In addition, we speak with The General on his famous annual trip on the Celtic Quest. And then, of course, we have our “Relationships and Fishing” segment.Please join George Scocca, founder at Noreast.com and now nyangler.com.Be sure to subscribe to the show.
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