6 minutes | Jan 23, 2020

Making “Everyday Health” A Reality

All providers want to help their patients receive the care they need when and where they need it, but a fragmented, reactive healthcare delivery system often gets in the way. A new initiative at Sutter Health hopes to redesign primary care—the traditional gateway to the healthcare system—to meet their patients where they are in their lives, instead of waiting for their next visit to the physician’s office. On the latest episode of New Ideas from Kaufman Hall, Chris Waugh, Chief Design and Innovation Officer at Sutter Health, discusses the system’s vision for “everyday health,” a proactive, continuous, and personalized approach to healthcare. The episode also explores: • How healthcare can adapt techniques from other industries to help patients reach their goals • The role of health coaches and regular patient check-ins in the primary care system of the future • Strategies for reducing the time between a health system’s first interaction with a patient, a diagnosis, and the development of a care plan
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