40 minutes | Jun 5th 2020

Futures League Commissioner Joe Paolluci and NEBJ editor Mike Zhe | Episode 1

We are excited to introduce the first edition of The New England Baseball Journal Podcast. I’m your host, Dan Guttenplan.

This podcast will be produced bi-weekly, and we plan to bring you interviews with industry experts, up-and-coming athletes and coaches. We also hope to give you context and analytical insight to better understand some of the trends in the game.

For our debut podcast, we have two guests -- one is Futures League Commissioner Joe Paolluci, who can lay out his blueprint for bringing high-level college baseball to New England fans within the month.

Our second guest is New England Baseball Jounal Editor Mike Zhe, who recently put the finishing touches on the Summer Edition of New England Baseball Journal. He’ll share some behind-the-scenes insights on some of the stories we’ve been working on.

Of course, to get more insight on any of the stories or topics you hear discussed on the podcast, visit the New England Baseball Journal website at baseballjournal.com.

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