54 minutes | Jan 23rd 2020

Clean Energy: the view from California

For this exciting new 'international' episode, we were delighted to have a guest expert join us: Lincoln Bleveans, Assistant General Manager for Power Supply at Burbank Water & Power in the Los Angeles area of California. As always on New Energy Chinwag, we covered a lot of ground and a lot of different topics!  Given our guest, it's no surprise that the focus was on what has, is and will be happening in the clean energy world in (and around) California. 

California is a market that matters greatly to the development of this industry. Not only is it a leading market in this particular sector but it's a big one in global economic terms too: according to figures published by the IMF and others in 2019, it's now the 5th biggest economy in the world on a GDP basis - that's bigger than the UK! 

So, like us, we're sure you'll be hugely interested in Lincoln's view of the energy space there.

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