43 minutes | May 21, 2021

Ellen Helsper, "The Digital Disconnect: The Social Causes and Consequences of Digital Inequalities" (Sage, 2021)

What are digital inequalities? In The Digital Disconnect: The Social Causes and Consequences of Digital Inequalities (Sage, 2021), Ellen Helsper, a Professor of Digital Inequalities in the Department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics, explores the unequal nature of our now digital world. The book introduces the corresponding fields theoretical framework, as a way of blending a huge range of empirical and theoretical material that provides the basis for a global analysis of digital’s relationship to economic, social, and cultural inequalities. Clear, engaging, and easy to follow, the book poses important questions as to who is valued in the digital world, as well as offering lessons for how we might address the causes and consequences of digital inequalities. The book will be essential reading across social science and humanities, and for anyone interested in understanding and changing the digital world.

Dave O'Brien is Chancellor's Fellow, Cultural and Creative Industries, at the University of Edinburgh's College of Art.

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