55 minutes | Aug 15th 2020


The intention of this episode is the help you regain your sense of identity in its PUREST form. Your true 'I AM-ness' is not found in your mind. Your true 'self' is something higher than your mind, and while you engage with it every day, it is VERY easy to overlook. 

In all honesty, the content of this episode is extremely difficult to convey in words, and in a lot of ways, it may not be possible to convey from one person to another. It can only be talked around... hinted at... alluded to... etc. The only way to TRULY know what we're discussing in this episode is the EXPERIENCE it for yourself. 

In short... you are a 3 part being; body, soul, and spirit. Each part of you has its own 'brain'; your gut (body), your heart (soul), and your brain (spirit). And while these 3 are often very distinct from each other, most of us haven't taken the time to differentiate their functions as they pertain to our sense of self. We think of ourselves as 'one' entity, and we fail to take the time to figure out how US actually works. And here's the kicker... YOU aren't actually any of these 3 parts. YOU are actually the 4th part that brings these 3 parts together. You reside OVER these other 3 parts. 

Your 'I AM-ness' is the TRUE genius behind the curtain, and we do our best to introduce you to that genius in this episode. Hopefully, we've done enough to lead you to the path, but only you can find the way.

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