53 minutes | Aug 22nd 2020


It is a rare moment when someone is able to get a clear view of a blind spot in their life. By the very nature of 'blind spots', we can't usually SEE them. And no matter how many times we have loved ones point them out to us, it seems that only Spirit can truly unveil the full extent of how they influence our lives. 

In this episode, Kat Wilden shares her experience from the first ayahuasca ceremony and how that experience illuminated a major blind spot in her life. Namely, the fact that she is overly concerned with how people are perceiving her and her actions. As someone who has worked a lot on being confident in herself, not worrying about what other people think, and moving forward with strength and passion in the midst of naysayers, this revelation came as quite a shock to her... as one might expect when a blind spot is being clearly highlighted. 

The revelations that came out of this ceremony for Kat have been highly enlightening for her, as well as other people in her life that grow with her. While there are many smaller concepts that we could have discussed in this episode, we primarily cover:

- The fact that all of us are born into a world where we feel unsafe, and how we deal with that lack of safety can greatly determine who we become as adults.

- The consistency with which we attract people into our lives who are there to serve as a 'mirror' of our own shortcomings... if we have eyes to see.

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