35 minutes | Dec 13, 2018

Diversity Is What You Say, Inclusion Is What You Do

In this episode of Nevertheless Tracy Chou, Jyoti Chopra, and Anjali Ramachandran discuss frameworks, metrics and intersectionality, and ask the hard questions about diversity and inclusion. The podcast was recorded at a live event held in London in November 2018, and was a collaboration between Ada's List and Nevertheless.  The event was hosted by Anjali Ramachandran, co-founder of Ada's List, a global community of those who identify as women in tech.  Anjali is joined by Tracy Chou and Jyoti Chopra. Tracy is a Software Engineer who has worked at Quora and Pinterest and is well known for her work pushing for diversity in tech. Tracy is now a founding member of Project Include, and is focused on driving solutions in the space.   Jyoti is Senior Vice President and Global Leader of Diversity & Inclusion at Pearson. She is a member of the Board of Advisors at Toyota Motor Company, and previously held prominent positions at Deloitte, Merrill Lynch and BNY Mellon. ---
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