46 minutes | Oct 14, 2015

One Woman Inspiring Others - Make Your Mess Your Message

Jamaican born Claudette Esterine studied International Relations at Kiev State University in the Ukraine and then theological studies at Newman Theological College in Alberta, Canada.


She has worked as a chaplain for both hospitals and prisons and has further studied Behavioral Counselling and Case Management in the Federal Correctional System.


As an active blogger, she helps women (and men) work through the daily realities of life including child abuse, domestic violence and racial marginalization.  


She endured sexual, physical, emotional and mental abuse her entire life -- was stabbed by her own mother and used as a sex object 'pimped out' for years.  


After realizing something was missing in her life during a 10-year same-sex relationship, she was able to turn her life around.   Now free from guilt and pain she is a WOUNDED healer - helping women from all walks of life to allow their pain to be the propellant for the life they want to live.


Her interview was not only inspiring but motivating

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