79 minutes | Aug 19, 2021

069 - Photo Industry Code Words

On this very funny episode of The Nerdy Photographer Podcast, Steven Van Elk from the Wedding Photo Hangover Podcast drops by to discuss photo industry 'code words'. Code words? What code words? The photo industry has code words? You know, the things that photographers and people in the industry like to say when they really mean something else. For example, when photographers use the term "unphotogenic" to describe subjects they personally don't think are attractive. Or terms like "challenging" or *shudder* "vibes"... Tune in as Steven and I try to decode the photo industry vernacular... Click here to check out our Let's Be Real Unposed Photography Prompts PODCAST PROMOS: Filters Removed Podcast & For Nerds By Nerds Podcast Support The Nerdy Photographer Want to help The Nerdy Photographer Podcast? Here are a few simple (and mostly free) ways you can do that: Tell everyone about the podcast - friends, enemies, casual acquaintances Follow @thenerdyphoto on Instagram Join the Nerdy Photographer Facebook Group Follow @thenerdyphoto on Twitter Look sweet in Nerdy Photographer swag Help your business with photography resources from our store Want to advertise on the podcast? Just buy me a drink? Details on our support page. About My Guest Steven Van Elk is a wedding photographer and one half of the Wedding Photo Hangover Podcast. "The Wedding Photo Hangover is the finest in phototainment. We are an irreverent look at photography. The podcast and blog are designed to give photographers a place to decompress and laugh at the horrors of running their own small businesses before the stress wholly crushes them. We also have a corresponding Facebook group for photographers to find support, share funny stories, and get help from other photographers."
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