75 minutes | Apr 10th 2020

Ep. 258: Quarantine Edition Pt 3 - Top Fun Movies to Watch in the Apocalypse

We're all still under quarantine over here at NWGLS headquarters, so this episode we're going to give you the best fun movies to watch while locked away in your house! let us know what your top fun loving movies to watch under quarantine are! we recorded these shows a few weeks back, and we have a few of them we'll be trickling out over the next few days.We hope everyone is safe and healthy out there! ___________________________________________________________ Have a question for the NWGLS guys? Shoot us over an email at nerdswhogetlaid@gmail.com We'll try to answer it on the NWGLS Mailbag! Follow us on Twitter  |  Like us on Facebook | Follow us on Instagram Also JOIN the Nerds Who Get Laid Sometimes Facebook Group!!! Subscribe on iTunes | Android | Spotify | Google Play Music | Stitcher | Pod Chaser | YouTube | RSS Feed | We are part of the Podcast family at Geeks World Wide Also check out Ray's podcast N is for Nerd
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