28 minutes | Apr 26, 2015

A Song of Fire and Nerds Episode 2

Feeling a bit blue about blue hair? Not everything is black and white, the signature shades of grey of Game of Thrones is shown off again in this week’s episode. Jon Snow gets two paths for wish fulfillment, what a darn lucky guy, maybe getting his fairy tale ending.  However Dany is finding her happily ever after dirtied up with blood splatters.  Being a ruler often needs tactful handling as seen by Doran Martell, in his debut. His style is not rage and wildfire, as seen in Cersei, or a misfire of justice, as seen in Daenerys.  We talk about leadership and threat of dragonfire as the basis to ruling.  A man is interested in the emergence of a familiar face, a faceless man.  A man is also happy to see Ayra on a path to eventually take her nightly prayer into her own hands. Listen in and become a part of House Nerd Optimal. This week’s intro and outro music: Shannywanna - Electronic Machine (https://soundcloud.com/shannywanna/electronic-machine)  
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