48 minutes | Aug 26th 2019

Plants & Health: How any business can improve their employees’ health and reduce their buildings’ energy consumption w/ Oxygen at Work cofounder Manuel Winter

IF YOU LIKED THIS EPISODE, GIVE US A FIVE STAR REVIEW ON APPLE PODCAST. This episode brings us together with Manuel Winter, cofounder at Oxygen at Work, a startup that aims to Improve air quality in office spaces using natural plants in order to improve the health of employees and reduce the energy consumption of the buildings. In this episode we started off by looking at the startup’s creation story and how Manuel and his team got their first customer without really having a product ready. Manuel dives deeper into what the first version of the product looked like and compares it to what it looks like today, explaining how Oxygen at work can differentiate itself from its competition using data. Manuel also explained how his team tackles the challenge of selling a fuzzy and long term vision of healthier employees to his customers, as well as his worst mistake and biggest achievement launching Oxygen at work and growing it to what it is today. Problem - Solution Fit How did the team test that there were people with a problem / need for it? How did the team identify your perfect customer in the beginning? What were the first steps the team took after deciding to go with it? Product What did the team’s first product / MVP look like? How does the product work now, concretely? How will the team differentiate itself from others coming into the same space? Sales How did the team get to their first customer? How does the team sell companies such a long term and fuzzy benefit? Is the team mostly targeting companies that already have plants? What’s the business model behind Oxygen at Work? General What’s something Manuel did badly while working on your startup? What’s one thing Manuel did really well? Question from the audience: When is the best moment for a company that is built primarily with private funds to look for an investor to finance their growth? IF YOU DIDN’T LIKE THIS EPISODE, LET US KNOW HERE