46 minutes | Jun 17th 2019

FOOD DELIVERY: Fake invoices and working a full-time job next to your startup w/ Casola cofounders Linda Meier & Sofia Pique Meinecke

This episode brings us together with Linda and Sofia from Casola, the first online tapas bar in Zurich. Linda, Sofia and their third cofounder Claudia started with the idea three years ago, when they realized they weren’t happy with the daily food options in Zurich, and they were looking for something between low-cost supermarket food and high-end restaurant menus - something with a good quality AND an affordable price. We discuss the first steps that the three friends took after deciding to go for it and how they registered the company - and if you’re thinking about incorporating a company yourself, here’s a quick warning from the founders: after the incorporation you will receive hundreds of fake invoices addressed to your company, and you’ll have to find the original, and pay it. We also cover their biggest challenge which is acquiring customers, as well as the personal challenge of launching a startup while having a side job. IF YOU LIKED THIS EPISODE, GIVE US A FIVE STAR REVIEW ON APPLE PODCAST. We covered the following topics: Problem - Solution Fit What was your initial idea and how did you test that there were people with a need for it? What was the first step you took when you decided to do this? How did you get your first customers? How did you do the pricing, concretely? Employee > Entrepreneur How did you make it possible to start with your project, timewise and emotionally? What’s the biggest personal challenge for you during this transition? What are the challenges when working next to your startup job? Product How did you build your shop? How do you come up with recipes? Other How did they incorporate the company? What’s the biggest challenge now? IF YOU DIDN’T LIKE THIS EPISODE, LET US KNOW HERE