39 minutes | Jul 23rd 2019

EXPERT SERIES: Finding the best angel investors for your startup w/ Business Angel and President of Zurich at Business Angels Switzerland Johann Schlieper

This episode brings us together with Johann Schlieper, President of the Business Angels Switzerland network and an active investor himself, with a strong focus on market-driven innovations. Johann has founded three startups himself and primarily invests in technology and durable consumer goods startups.     In this episode we started off by exploring the good and the bad sides of being an investor, what you need to become an investor yourself, the biggest mistakes to avoid when starting out as an angel, and how he evaluates the quality of an idea. We then asked for advice he would give to founders, for example how to filter the good from the bad investors, how many hours to invest in your startup and the three things that investors want to see in a founder.   IF YOU LIKED THIS EPISODE, GIVE US A FIVE STAR REVIEW ON APPLE PODCAST.   We covered the following topics:   Personal questions: What does he enjoy about being an investor? What doesn’t he enjoy about being an investor?   Angel Investing: How much money & experience does someone need to have to start angel investing? What are the biggest mistakes new angel investors make? How does he find out whether a founder has integrity and endurance? How does he evaluate the quality of an idea?   Advice for founders: If I pitch my idea and I haven't gotten any real traction yet: How could I still convince you to invest? How can market-driven innovations convince investors to get funding? When doesn’t it work? What are the three things he looks for in a founder, before you invest? How does he detect a ‘bad’ investor from a ‘good’ investor as a founder (how would he do it)? If I pitch my idea and I haven't gotten any real traction yet: How could I still convince him to invest? How many hours does expect a founder to be working on his / her idea per day? IF YOU DIDN’T LIKE THIS EPISODE, LET US KNOW HERE