57 minutes | Jul 20th 2020

Watchmen Cinematography (with Xavier Grobet ASC) GCS230

Discover the challenges of filming a comic series based in a dramatic reality with HBO's Watchmen cinematographer, Xavier Grobet ASC.

Xavier and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss overcoming the visual challenges of Watchmen, the difficulties of lighting and filming masked characters, the unique camera rig used for Looking Glass' reflective shield, advice for new cinematographers, and more!

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What you will learn in this episode
  • Visual challenges of shooting a comic series based in reality (02:30)
  • Xavier’s prep process for Watchmen (16:16)
  • Shooting on the Alexa Mini with various lenses (23:52)
  • Discussing Watchmen's various looks (25:27)
  • Approach to lighting for Watchmen (29:38)
  • Challenges of filming masked characters (31:42)
  • The camera rig used for Looking Glass’ mask (36:13)
  • Collaborating with the VFX team (39:08)
  • Xavier’s approach to blocking scenes (42:24)
  • Beginning a film career in Mexico (46:51)
  • Advice for new cinematographers (48:18)
  • And more!

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