74 minutes | Jul 13th 2020

Filming a Battle at Sea (with Greyhound DP Shelly Johnson ASC) GCS229

Listen as we explore the cinematography of the Apple TV+ film GREYHOUND with Director of Photography Shelly Johnson ASC.

Shelly and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss working with legendary actor Tom Hanks, recreating a WWII battle at sea, Shelly's focus on camera performance, using a white screen instead of green screen, the challenges of naturally lighting the interior of a dark battleship, and much more.

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What you will learn in this episode
  • Filming for theatrical vs streaming (03:22)
  • Visual approach to Greyhound (07:00)
  • Why it took Tom Hanks 10 years for financing (13:25)
  • Shelly’s focus on camera performance (18:05)
  • Recreating a battleship as a set (29:06)
  • How Shelly didn’t test his lenses until day one of filming (35:27)
  • Lighting the dark battleship interior (41:17)
  • Using a white screen instead of green screen (45:55)
  • Filming and lighting the night scenes (53:02)
  • Challenges of filming with water (58:56)
  • Working with Tom Hanks (01:03:43
  • Shelly’s favorite sequence in Jurassic Park 3 (01:09:16)
  • And more!

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