35 minutes | Oct 19th 2020

The Rulemaking Process In Cannabis

The rulemaking process in cannabis with Liz Mason and Tiffany Coleman. Liz is the Director of Operations at Aurum Labs, one of the first fully certified cannabis testing labs in Colorado. Liz Mason and her husband, Luke, started Aurum Labs back in 2014, both of their backgrounds and degrees are in chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology. In her time at Aurum she has helped to grow the business substantially, expanding it into the nationwide hemp market and helping to increase the testing services offered by the lab. Liz Mason is the current Co-chair for the NCIA Hemp Committee and Founder of Aurum Services, the Hemp Division of Aurum Labs that caters testing services specifically to the hemp industry. Tiffany Coleman - Studied Chemistry at the University of Missouri Kansas City. Over 15 years with best practices in pharmaceuticals. Came to Cannabis to help keep patients and consumers safe by using those best practices and work towards standardized sampling and testing in the industry. Chair of the NCIA Scientific AC and founder of Cassin Consulting to help cannabis companies establish quality systems using Six Sigma and Good Manufacturing Practices. There’s a call to action for our listeners to get involved in the rulemaking process. Of course, NCIA files amicus briefs and submits comments to various government agencies as needed on the topic of cannabis and sometimes this gets really specific. Our guests explain more about what we’re doing in this case as well as break down the problem and the solution. We also talk about how they got into the cannabis business and why they think it was important to be a part of it.